Submissions from 2016


A Tutorial on Geographic Information Systems: A ten-year update, Daniel Farkas, Brian Hilton, James Pick, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Namchul Shin

Special Issue: The Female American, Denise M. MacNeil and Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich

Factors Affecting the Design of Short-Term Study-Abroad Programs: An Exploratory Study of Two Business Schools, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Bindiganavale Vijayaraman

Submissions from 2015

United States Digital Divide: State Level Analysis of Spatial Clustering and Multivariate Determinants of ICT Utilization, James Pick, Avijit Sarkar, and Jeremy Johnson

Submissions from 2014


Topics, Texts, and Critical Approaches: Integrating Dimensions of Liberal Learning in an Undergraduate Management Course, James C. Spee and Allison Frailberg

Submissions from 2013

A Three-Step Combined Genetic Programming and Neural Networks Method of Forecasting the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Mak Kaboudan and Mark Conover