These articles, poems, and short stories represent some of the scholarship written by University of Redlands faculty, staff, and administrators.


Submissions from 2016

Using Multivariate Concept Mapping to Examine Counselor Educators’ Implicit Model of the Profession’s Functions, Janee Both Gragg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Lawrence Scheier, and Leslie Krafft

Sequential Auctions with Budget Constraints: Evidence from Fantasy Basketball Auction Drafts, James W. Boudreau and Nicholas Shunda

CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Diffraction with a Laser Ray Box, Alan J. DeWeerd

Guidelines for Clinical Supervision in Health Service Psychology: Evidence and Implementation Strategies, Carol Falender, Catherine Grus, Stephen McCutcheon, Rodney K. Goodyear, Michael Ellis, Beth Doll, Marie Miville, Celiane Rey-Casserly, and Nadine Kaslow


A Tutorial on Geographic Information Systems: A ten-year update, Daniel Farkas, Brian Hilton, James Pick, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Namchul Shin

Spectacular Manhood and Girlhood: Celebrity Studies and Girlhood Studies Come of Age, Kathleen Feeley

‘The antithesis of the film magnate’: Irving Thalberg and the politics of ethno-religious identity in early Hollywood, Kathleen A. Feeley

Associations Between Cancer and Parkinson's Disease in U.S. Elderly Adults, D. Michael Freedman, Jincao Wu, Honglei Chen, Eric A. Engels, Lindsey R. Enewold, Neal D. Freedman, James J. Goedert, Ralph W. Kuncl, Mitchell H. Gail, and Ruth M. Pfeiffer

Associations Between Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease in a U.S. Medicare Population: Case-control and Cohort Studies, D. Michael Freedman, Jincao Wu, Honglei Chen, Ralph W. Kuncl, Lindsey R. Enewold, Eric A. Engels, Neal D. Freedman, and Ruth M. Pfeiffer

Prioritizing questions and methods for an international and interdisciplinary supervision research agenda: Suggestions by eight scholars, Rodney K. Goodyear, L. Dianne Borders, Cynthia Chang, Douglas Guiffrida, Heidi Hutman, Gulsah Kemer, Clifton Watkins, and Edward White

A global portrait of counselling psychologists’ characteristics, perspectives, and professional behaviors, Rodney K. Goodyear, James Lichtenberg, Heidi Hutman, and Emily Overland


"Women Filmmakers and Representations of Sexual Desire", Kelly Hankin

Counselling psychology’s genotypic and phenotypic features across national boundaries, Heidi Hutman, James Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Emily Overland, and Terence J.G. Tracey

"Empathy and Moral Laziness", Kathie Jenni

Counselling psychology in the United States, James Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Heidi Hutman, and Emily Overland

Special Issue: The Female American, Denise M. MacNeil and Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich


School Setting Behavior That Characterizes Social Justice: An Empirical Approach to Illustrate the Concept, Ross E. Mitchell, Rodney K. Goodyear, Janee Both Gragg, Philip S. Mirci, and Ronald Morgan

Preparing Teachers to Use GIS: The Impact of a Hybrid Professional Development Program on Teachers’ Use of GIS, Steven Moore, Don Haviland, William Moore, and Michael Tran

Factors Affecting the Design of Short-Term Study-Abroad Programs: An Exploratory Study of Two Business Schools, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Bindiganavale Vijayaraman

The relationship between birth order and prosociality: An evolutionary perspective., Catherine A. Salmon, A M. Cuthbertson, and A J. Figueredo

Casual Sex and College Students: Sex Differences and the Impact of Father Absence, Catherine A. Salmon, John Townsend, and Jessica Hehman


The Porcupine Tango: What Ethnography Can and Cannot Do for Theologians, James V. Spickard

Novel object exploration as a potential assay for higher order repetitive behaviors in mice., Jessica M. Steinbach, Elizabeth T. Garza, and Bryce C. Ryan

The Mamlukization of the Mamluk Sultanate? State Formation and the History of Fifteenth Century Egypt and Syria: Part II—Comparative Solutions and a New Research Agenda, Jo Van Steenbergen, Patrick Wing, and Kristof D'hulster

The Mamlukization of the Mamluk Sultanate? State Formation and the History of Fifteenth Century Egypt and Syria: Part I—Old Problems and New Trends, Jo Van Steenbergen, Patrick Wing, and Kristof D'hulster

Paths and Places of Party Formation: The Post-Unification Development of Germany’s CDU, Steve Wuhs

Competition, Decentralization, and Candidate Selection in Mexico, Steve Wuhs and Kathleen Bruhn

Submissions from 2015

2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back, 1 Step Sideways: The Chaotic Progression of LGBTQ Inclusion at Christian Colleges, H. Adam Ackley

Trans*formative Teaching, H. Adam Ackley, Joy Ladin, and Cameron Partridge

Planning and Social Media: Facebook for Planning at the Neighbourhood Scale, Nader Afzalan and Jennifer Evans-Cowley

From Big to Little Data for Natural Disaster Recovery: How Online and On-the-ground Activities are Connected?, Nader Afzalan, Jennifer Evans-Cowley, and Maziar Mirzazad Barijough


Participatory Group Prenatal Education Using Photonovels: Evaluation of a Lay Health Educator Model with Low-Income Latinas, Susan J. Auger, Sarah Verbiest, James V. Spickard, Florence M. Simán, and Mélida Colindres


Crafting Culture: 'Tradition', Art, and Music in Disney's 'A Small World', Katherine Baber and James V. Spickard


Seeking Social Justice in the ACRL Framework, Andrew Battista, Dave Ellenwood, Lua Gregory, Shana Higgins, Jeff Lilburn, Yasmin Sokkar Harker, and Christopher A. Sweet

Novel Object Exploration in the C58/J Mouse Model of Autistic-Like Behavior, Mikkal G. Blick, Breann H. Puchalski, Veronica J. Bolanos, Kaitlin M. Wolfe, Matthew C. Green, and Bryce C. Ryan

Adam Smith's Last Teachings: Dialectic Wisdom, Lorenzo Garbo

La Marge Comme Ressource Pour L'action Dans la Mouvance du Logiciel Libre, Pierre Amiel Giraud and Sara Schoonmaker

Predictors of Preference for the Exported Campus Model of Study Abroad, Susan B. Goldstein

U.S. College Students' Lay Theories of Culture Shock, Susan B. Goldstein and Sadie R. Keller

Factors That Limit Counselor Metacompetence and the Suggested Role of Supervisors, Rodney K. Goodyear

Guidelines for Clinical Supervision in Health Service Psychology, Rodney K. Goodyear

Using Accountability Mechanisms More Intentionally: A Framework and Its Implications For Training Professional Psychologists, Rodney K. Goodyear


Issues and Challenges in Managing Patients with Dementia and Dysphagia, Michael E. Groher

Responses to Patronizing Communication and Factors that Attenuate those Responses, Jessica A. Hehman and Daphne Blunt Bugental

Mengzi's Doctrine of the Four Beginnings and the Archimedean Point for Moral Life, Xinyan Jiang

Synthesis and the Characterization of Schiff-based Copper Complexes: Reactivity with DNA, 4-NPP and BNPP, Natalia Kozlyuk, Tyler Lopez, Patrick Roth, and J. Henry Acquaye

Electronic Resource Availability Studies: An Effective Way to Discover Access Errors, Sanjeet Mann

Language Policies and Voter Turnout: Evidence from South Africa, Eric S. McLaughlin

United States Digital Divide: State Level Analysis of Spatial Clustering and Multivariate Determinants of ICT Utilization, James Pick, Avijit Sarkar, and Jeremy Johnson

Harvest of Death in North Dakota: The Political Economy of Coal, Railroads, and Weather in Early Progressive North Dakota, Scott Randolph

Taboo or Tabula Rasa: Cross-Racial/Cultural Dating Preferences amongst Chinese, Japanese, and Korean International Students in an American University, Zachary S. Ritter

Evolutionary Perspectives on the Nature of Sibling Conflict: The Impact of Sex, Relatedness, and Co-Residence, Catherine A. Salmon and Jessica A. Hehman

Ideal Positions: 3D Sonography, Medical Visuality, Popular Culture, Tim Seiber

Calbindin-D28K is Increased in the Ventral Horn of Spinal Cord by Neuroprotective Factors For Motor Neurons, Maria M. Spruill and Ralph W. Kuncl

"How We Die" in New Mexico: A Judicial Prescription Without Relief, Arthur G. Svenson

Improving Expertise in Psychotherapy, Terence J.G. Tracey, Bruce E. Wampold, Rodney K. Goodyear, and James W. Lichtenberg

The Magic of Oaxaca: An Emotional Geography of Age, Gender and Nation, Patricia L. Wasielewski

Submissions from 2014

South Korean Supervisees' Experience of and Response to Negative Supervision Events, Keeyeon Bang and Rodney K. Goodyear

Interpreting Buddhist Representations of Motherhood and Mothering, Karen Derris

Supervision as Pedagogy: Attending to Its Essential Instructional and Learning Processes, Rodney K. Goodyear

Ten Changes Psychotherapists Typically Make as They Mature Into the Role of Supervisor, Rodney K. Goodyear, James W. Lichtenberg, Keeyeon Bang, and Janee Both Gragg

Effects of the Reappearance of Primitive Reflexes on Eating Function and Prognosis, Kimiko Hobo, Junko Kawase, Fumiyo Tamura, and Michael E. Groher


Impossible Holocaust Metaphors: The Muselmann, Sharon Oster


Topics, Texts, and Critical Approaches: Integrating Dimensions of Liberal Learning in an Undergraduate Management Course, James C. Spee and Allison Frailberg

Expertise in Psychotherapy: An Elusive Goal?, Terrence J.G. Tracey, Bruce E. Wampold, and Rodney K. Goodyear

Assessing Supervision's Clinical and Multicultural Aspects: The Supervision Outcome Scale's Psychometric Properties, Yuying Tsong and Rodney K. Goodyear

Acoustic Characteristics of Voluntary Expiratory Sounds After Swallow for Detecting Dysphagia, M. I. Yamashita, K. Yokoyama, Y. Takei, N. Furuya, Y. Nakamichi, Y. Ihara, K. Takahashi, and Michael E. Groher

Submissions from 2013


Bright Example, Ralph Angel


Conversation, Ralph Angel


Fear of Death, Ralph Angel


Holding You Sober Close To Me, Ralph Angel


My Body's Devotion: Poems, Ralph Angel


The Exile and Return of Poetry, Ralph Angel


Unhinged Articulation: Essay, Ralph Angel

"Manhatten Women": Jazz, Blues, and Gender in On the Town and Wonderful Town, Katherine Baber

The Non-Diagnostic Sherd Problem: Lessons from Jeddito Yellow Ware Typology, Wesley Bernardini

Quantifying Visual Prominence in Social Landscapes, Wesley Bernardini, Alicia Barnash, Mark Kumler, and Martin Wong

Predicting College Students' Intergroup Friendships Across Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Social Class, Susan B. Goldstein

"Life Stage-Specific" Variations in Performance in Response to Age Stereotypes, Jessica A. Hehman and Daphne Blunt Bugental

Chinese Dialectical Thinking--Yin Yang Model, Xinyan Jiang

Confucian Universalism and the Chinese Diaspora Experience, Xinyan Jiang

A Three-Step Combined Genetic Programming and Neural Networks Method of Forecasting the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Mak Kaboudan and Mark Conover

Synthesis, Characterization and X-Ray Crystal Structures of Ruthenium Polypyridyl and 2-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)-benzoxazle Complexes: Reactivity with 1-methylimidazole, Purine, Glutathione and CT-DNA, John Novales, Nicolette Jonkhoff, and J. Henry Acquaye

Submissions from 2012


A Sociologist Re-reads Niebuhr's 'Christ and Culture', James V. Spickard


Faith, Hope, and Regulative Ideals: Epistemological Reflexivity in the Sociology of Religion, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2010


Does Taves Reconsider Experience Enough? A Critical Commentary on 'Religious Experience Reconsidered', James V. Spickard


Religion, Human Rights, and Global Culture: A Dozen Years Later, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2008


Does Christianity Work? What we would Need to Validate Smith's Approach, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2006


Transforming Religion: Religious Change and the Emergence of Interdisciplinary Scholarship, James V. Spickard


What is Happening to Religion? Six Sociological Narratives, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2005


Ritual, Symbol, and Experience: Understanding Catholic Worker House Masses, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2004


Charting the Inward Journey: Applying Blackmore's Model Meditative Religious Experiences, James V. Spickard


Globalization and Religious Organizations: Rethinking the Relationship between Church, Culture, and Market, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2003


Narratives of Commitment: Social Activism and Radical Catholic Identity, Meredith B. McGuire and James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2001


Essay: Religion and Globalization, James V. Spickard


Tribes and Cities: Towards an Islamic Sociology of Religion, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 2000


Fashioning a Post-Colonial Sociology of Religion, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 1999


Human Rights, Religious Conflict, and Globalisation. Ultimate Values in a New World Order, James V. Spickard

Submissions from 1998


Human Rights as a World Religion: Reflections on the Ideologies of a Globalized, Multi-Cultural World, James V. Spickard


Rethinking Religious Social Action: What is “Rational” about Rational-Choice Theory?, James V. Spickard