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Special Issue: The Female American
Denise M. MacNeil and Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich


Counselling psychology’s genotypic and phenotypic features across national boundaries
Heidi Hutman, James Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Emily Overland, and Terence J.G. Tracey


Counselling psychology in the United States
James Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Heidi Hutman, and Emily Overland


Associations Between Cancer and Parkinson's Disease in U.S. Elderly Adults
D. Michael Freedman, Jincao Wu, Honglei Chen, Eric A. Engels, Lindsey R. Enewold, Neal D. Freedman, James J. Goedert, Ralph W. Kuncl, Mitchell H. Gail, and Ruth M. Pfeiffer


Associations Between Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease in a U.S. Medicare Population: Case-control and Cohort Studies
D. Michael Freedman, Jincao Wu, Honglei Chen, Ralph W. Kuncl, Lindsey R. Enewold, Eric A. Engels, Neal D. Freedman, and Ruth M. Pfeiffer


Novel object exploration as a potential assay for higher order repetitive behaviors in mice.
Jessica M. Steinbach, Elizabeth T. Garza, and Bryce C. Ryan


Guidelines for Clinical Supervision in Health Service Psychology: Evidence and Implementation Strategies
Carol Falender, Catherine Grus, Stephen McCutcheon, Rodney K. Goodyear, Michael Ellis, Beth Doll, Marie Miville, Celiane Rey-Casserly, and Nadine Kaslow


Using Multivariate Concept Mapping to Examine Counselor Educators’ Implicit Model of the Profession’s Functions
Janee Both Gragg, Rodney K. Goodyear, Lawrence Scheier, and Leslie Krafft


School Setting Behavior That Characterizes Social Justice: An Empirical Approach to Illustrate the Concept
Ross E. Mitchell, Rodney K. Goodyear, Janee Both Gragg, Philip S. Mirci, and Ronald Morgan


Casual Sex and College Students: Sex Differences and the Impact of Father Absence
Catherine A. Salmon, John Townsend, and Jessica Hehman


The relationship between birth order and prosociality: An evolutionary perspective.
Catherine A. Salmon, A M. Cuthbertson, and A J. Figueredo

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