About InSPIRe@Redlands

In support of the mission of the University of Redlands, the main objective of the Institutional Scholarly Publication and Information Repository (InSPIRe) is to:

  • Diversify scholarly and creative canons through inclusive and equitable practices.
  • Enrich scholarship through the digital preservation of and open access to the University’s scholarly output and creative works
  • Further teaching and learning opportunities by facilitating the publication of open educational resources (OERs)
  • Foster understanding of the opportunities, rights, and responsibilities related to online publishing
  • Increase awareness of the University’s scholarly and creative activities and those of its partners

InSPIRe is a project of the Armacost Library in support of our institutional mission to foster a community of scholars through the sharing of ideas. InSPIRe is indexed by open access tools including Unpaywall and OpenDOAR. To learn more, about the Armacost library visit About Us: Our Vision and Mission. To learn more about InSPIRe visit InSPIRe Guidelines and Policies

About Library Publishing

The Library Publishing Coalition defines library publishing as "[T]he set of activities led by college and university libraries to support the creation, dissemination, and curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works. Generally, library publishing requires a production process, presents original work not previously made available, and applies a level of certification to the content published, whether through peer review or extension of the institutional brand. Based on core library values, and building on the traditional skills of librarians, it is distinguished from other publishing fields by a preference for Open Access dissemination as well as a willingness to embrace informal and experimental forms of scholarly communication and to challenge the status quo."