The ALURA was established to reward those students who demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity in their approach to research and information gathering and whose work exhibits significant inquiry using library resources, collections, and services.


Recipients from 2017


Ideas versus Interests: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Honduras Coup of 2009, Benjamin Richard Purper

Sound Over Troubled Waters: Noise Pollution in Prek Toal, Cambodia, Amy Whetter, Hillary Jenkins, and Georgin Lloyd

Recipients from 2016

The Need for a Neutral Speaking Period in the Trier Social Stress Test, Sarah Grimley


The American (Birth): A Valuable Pain, Ellen Holt

Recipients from 2015

The Exploration of Literary Waters: The Atlantic World in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Imagination, Ashley Robles


Disease and Unrest: The Demise of the Iranian Monarchy, Mary Simms

Recipients from 2014


Musical Mixes of "Classical" India and The West: Exploring Novel Styles, Mounika Parimi

Recipients from 2013


Bridging the Divide: A comparative analysis of the feminist movement in Turkey and the United States, Alexandra Bollella

Recipients from 2012


Predictors of Language Growth in Bilingual Infants (Honorable Mention), Stephanie Grasso


And Then There Were None: A Comparative Analysis of Anglophone Displacement of Indigenous Populations in California and South Africa, Bernadette Magallanes

Recipients from 2011


Making Makeup Respectable: Cosmetics Advertising During the Great Depression, Danielle Wetmore

Recipients from 2010


"From: Hell, with Love" The Role of the Délog Tradition in Tibetan Buddhism, Sommer Disante

Recipients from 2009


A Depth Study of Buck v. Bell, 274. U.S. 200, Sierra Powell