Submissions from 2013


Finding Christ in Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo's Magdalen Paintings, Katherine I. Leavens

Submissions from 2003

(Re)Viewing Domesticity and Gender Roles in the 1950s: The Valorization of Housewives in Advertising, Katherine Guevarra

Moko Renaissance: The Rebirth of Maori Tattooing as an Assertion of Identity, Maribel Rodriguez

Submissions from 2002

Women of Art History Revisited: Post War Escapist Fantasies in the Illustrations of Maxfield Parrish, Jennifer Patton

Submissions from 1998

Manet, Baudelaire and the Concept of Modernity, Stepanie Dodson

Submissions from 1995


Images of the Female Nude and Their Aspects of Power in Western Art: The Virgin and the Prostitute, Bridget Biscotti


The Reemergence of the Great Goddess in the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s, Sarah Roney

Submissions from 1993

Religious Iconography from 1860 to 1914: History of Theology and the European Avant-Garde, Eric Boynton


Els Quatre Gats: The Birth of Modernism in Spain, Meghan Dolan

Japanese Buddhist Sculpture: The Todai-ji, April Palo

Gender and its Role: A Study of Women's Imagery in Two Movements, Jennifer Lynn Piggins

Submissions from 1992

The Impact of Feminism and the Emergence of Multiculturalism, Kate Brawley


Architecture and Social Philosophy: The Bauhaus and its Consequences in Modern Building Construction (or: From Bauhaus to Tract House), Luke Erickson

Is There Any Rationale in Judging Art?, Rhonda L. Howard


The Elgin Marbles, Annjanette Minx

Submissions from 1989


My Senior Honors Project, Doug Abernathy

Submissions from 1987


The Human Image, Kevin Chop


Honors Paper: Painting, Carla Goldberg

Submissions from 1976

The Watercolors of Winslow Homer, Jon Alan Carstens

Submissions from 1970

Togetherness--A Study and Comment on Man Relating to His Southern California Environment, Kathryn Houser