Submissions from 2019

College Student Drinkers Have Higher Self-Compassion Scores than Nondrinkers, Lauren Ellingwood, Marc-Anthony Espinoza, Mayra Acevedo, and Lisa Olson

Submissions from 2018

Relationship of statins and other cholesterol-lowering medications and risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in the US elderly, D Michael Freedman, Ralph W. Kuncl, Elizabeth K. Cahoon, Donna R. Rivera, and Ruth M. Pfeiffer


The Need for a Neutral Speaking Period in Psychosocial Stress Testing, Sarah Grimley, Celine M. Ko, Holly ER Morrell, Fran Grace, Maria S. Bañuelos, Brandon Bautista, Gilbert N. Chavez, Emily Dalrymple, Matthew Green, Jessica Gurning, Anne C. Heuerman, Misael Huerta, Megan Marks, Jenny Ov, Petter Overton-Harris, and Lisa Olson


Obstacles and Opportunities of Using a Mobile App for Marine Mammal Research, Courtney H. Hann, Lei Lani Stelle, Andrew Szabo, and Leigh G. Torres


Impact of Experiential Neuroscience of Meditation Course on Attitudes Toward Meditation and Science, Lisa Olson

Submissions from 2017


Measuring Salivary Alpha-Amylase in the Undergraduate Neuroscience Laboratory, Maria S. Bañuelos, Aya Musleh, and Lisa Olson


Perception of Facial Aging and Its Relationship to Two Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (OXTR rs53576, CD 38, rs3796863, Thomas J. Gross, Thomas F. Gross, and Susan Blauth

Submissions from 2016

Novel Object Exploration as a Potential Assay for Higher Order Repetitive Behaviors in Mice, Jessica M. Steinbach, Elizabeth T. Garza, and Bryce C. Ryan

Submissions from 2015

Novel Object Exploration in the C58/J Mouse Model of Autistic-Like Behavior, Mikkal G. Blick, Breann H. Puchalski, Veronica J. Bolanos, Kaitlin M. Wolfe, Matthew C. Green, and Bryce C. Ryan

Submissions from 2014

Embryological Manipulations in the Developing XenopusInner Ear Reveal an Intrinsic Role for Wnt Signaling in Dorsal–Ventral Patterning, Caryl Forristall, Frank Stellabotte, Aldo Castillo, and Andres Collazo


Prey Preference of the North American River Otter (Lontra Canadensis) Evaluated According to Optimal Foraging Theory, Leslie Thompson and Lei Lani Stelle

Submissions from 2013

Effects of Tree Mortality Caused by a Bark Beetle Outbreak on the Ant Community in the San Bernardino National Forest, Brian W. Spitzer and Alexander L. Wild

Submissions from 2012

Sex Differences in Improved Efficacy of Doxorubicin Chemotherapy in Cbr1+/- Mice, Megan Freeland, Jackeline Angulo, Alison Davis, Adam Flook, Brittany Garcia, Nathan King, Samuelle Mangibin, Kristin Paul, Megan Prosser, Nicole Sata, Jim Bentley, and Lisa Olson

Submissions from 2011

Bone Density Phenotypes in Mice Aneuploid for the Down Syndrome Critical Region, Lisa Olson and Subburaman Mohan

Submissions from 2010

Rebuttal of “Flawed Experimental Design Reveals the Need for Guidelines Requiring Appropriate Positive Controls in Endocrine Disruption Research” by vom Saal, Leon E. Gray Jr, Bryce C. Ryan, Andrew K. Hotchkiss, and Kevin M. Crofton

Association of Dry Cow Therapy with the Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Dairy Cows, Dixie F. Mollenkopf, Candace Glendening, Thomas E. Wittum, Julie A. Funk, Leslie A. Tragesser, and Paul S. Morley

The Role of GH/IGF-I-Mediated Mechanisms in Sex Differences in Cortical Bone Size in Mice, Lisa Olson, Claes Ohlsson, and Subburaman Mohan

In Utero and Lactational Exposure to Bisphenol A, In Contrast to Ethinyl Estradiol, Does Not Alter Sexually Dimorphic Behavior, Puberty, Fertility, and Anatomy of Female LE Rats, Bryce C. Ryan, Andrew K. Hotchkiss, Kevin M. Crofton, and L Earl Gray Jr

Social Deficits, Stereotypy and Early Emergence of Repetitive Behavior in the C58/J Inbred Mouse Strain, Bryce C. Ryan, Nancy B. Young, Jacqueline N. Crawley, James W. Bodfish, and Sheryl S. Moy

Submissions from 2009


From Genes to Proteins to Behavior: A Laboratory Project That Enhances Student Understanding in Cell and Molecular Biology, Ben D. Aronson and Linda A. Silveira

Submissions from 2008

Gestational and Lactational Exposure to Ethinyl Estradiol, but not Bisphenol A, Decreases Androgen-Dependent Reproductive Organ Weights and Epididymal Sperm Abundance in the Male Long Evans Hooded Rat, Kembra L. Howdeshell, Johnathan Furr, Christy R. Lambright, Vickie S. Wilson, Bryce C. Ryan, and L Earl Gray Jr

Olfactory Cues are Sufficient to Elicit Social Approach Behaviors But Not Social Transmission of Food Preference in C57BL/6J Mice, Bryce C. Ryan, Nancy B. Young, Sheryl S. Moy, and Jacqueline N. Crawley


Experimenting with Spirituality: Analyzing The God Gene in a Nonmajors Laboratory Course, Linda A. Silveira

Submissions from 2007

Differential Effects of Trisomy on Brain Shape and Volume in Related Aneuploid Mouse Models, Kristina Aldridge, Roger H. Reeves, Lisa Olson, and Joan T. Richtsmeier

Prochloraz Inhibits Testosterone Production at Dosages below Those that Affect Androgen-Dependent Organ Weights or the Onset of Puberty in the Male Sprague Dawley Rat, Chad R. Blystone, Johnathan Furr, Christy S. Lambright, Kembra L. Howdeshell, Bryce C. Ryan, Vickie S. Wilson, Gerald A. LeBlanc, and Leon Earl Gray Jr

Prevalence of Yersinia Enterocolitica in Different Phases of Production on Swine Farms, Andrew S. Bowman, Candace Glendening, Thomas E. Wittum, Jeffrey T. Lejeune, Roger W. Stich, and Julie A. Funk

Trisomy for the Down Syndrome 'Critical Region' is Necessary But Not Sufficient for Brain Phenotypes of Trisomic Mice, Lisa Olson, Randall J. Cooper, Crystal L. Sengstaken, Elizabeth A. Peterson, Veronica Aquino, Zygmunt Galdzicki, Richard Siarey, Mikhail Pletnikov, Timothy H. Moran, and Roger H. Reeves

Identification of Estrogenic Compounds Emitted from the Combustion of Computer Printed Circuit Boards in Electronic Waste, Clyde V. Owens Jr, Christy Lambright, Kathy Bobseine, Bryce C. Ryan, L Earl Gray Jr, Brian K. Gullett, and Vickie S. Wilson

Identification and Characterization of a Regulatory Domain on the Carboxyl Terminus of the Measles Virus Nucleocapsid Protein, Xingsheng Zhang, Candace Glendening, Hawley Linke, Chistopher L. Parks, Charles Brooks, Stephen A. Udem, and Michael Oglesbee

Submissions from 2006

Cardiac Syndrome X and Endothelial Dysfunction: New Concepts in Prognosis and Treatment, Todd Hurst, Tina H. Olson, Lisa Olson, and Christopner P. Appleton

Developmental Exposure to Environmental Estrogens Alters Anxiety and Spatial Memory in Female Mice, Bryce C. Ryan and John G. Vandenbergh

Submissions from 2005

Long-range Chromosomal Engineering Is More Efficient in vitro Than in vitro, Lisa Olson, Jason Tien, Sarah South, and Roger H. Reeves

Submissions from 2004

A Chromosome 21 Critical Region Does Not Cause Specific Down Syndrome Phenotypes, Lisa Olson, Joan T. Richtsmeier, J Leszl, and Roger H. Reeves

Down Syndrome Mouse Models Ts65Dn, Ts1Cje, and Ms1Cje/Ts65Dn Exhibit Variable Severity of Cerebellar Phenotypes, Lisa Olson, R J. Roper, L L. Baxter, E J. Carlson, C J. Epstein, and R H. Reeves

Submissions from 2003

Protection from Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Toxicity in Mice with a Null Allele of Carbonyl Reductase 1, Lisa Olson, Djahida Bedja, Sara J. Alvey, A J. Cardounel, Kathleen L. Gabrielson, and Roger H. Reeves

Submissions from 2002

Identification of Mutator Insertional Mutants of Starch Branching Enzyme 1 (Sbe1) in Zea mays L, Susan Blauth, Kyung-Nam Kim, Jeffrey Klucinec, Jack C. Shannon, Donald Thompson, and Mark Guiltinan

Meeting Report: 15th International Mouse Genome Conference, Deborah E. Cabin, Lisa Olson, and Roger H. Reeves

Intrauterine Position Effects, Bryce C. Ryan and John G. Vandenbergh

Submissions from 2001

Identification of Mutator Insertional Mutants of Starch-Branching Enzyme 2a in Corn, Susan Blauth, Yuan Yao, Jeffrey D. Klucinec, Jack C. Shannon, Donald B. Thompson, and Mark J. Guilitinan

Submissions from 2000

Identification and Comparative Mapping of a Dominant Potyvirus Resistance Gene Cluster in Capsicum, R C. Grube, Jim Blauth, M S. Arnedo Anres, C Caranta, and M K. Jahn

Submissions from 1999

Identification of QTLs Controlling Acylsugar Fatty Acid Composition in an Intraspecific Population of Lycopersicon pennellii (Corr.) D'Arcy, Susan Blauth, J C. Steffens, G A. Churchill, and M A. Mutschler

Genome Mapping in Capsicum and the Evolution of Genome Structure in the Solanaceae, Kevin D. Livingstone, Vincent K. Lackney, Jim Blauth, Rik van Wijk, and Molly Kyle Jahn

Submissions from 1998

Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Acylsugar Accumulation using Intraspecific Populations of the Wild Tomato, Lycopersicon pennellii, Susan Blauth, G A. Churchill, and M A. Mutschler

Genetic Mapping of the pvr1 Locus in Capsicum spp. and Evidence That Distinct Potyvirus Resistance Loci Control Responses That Differ at the Whole Plant and Cellular Levels, John F. Murphy, Jim Blauth, Kevin D. Livingstone, Vincent K. Lackney, and Molly Kyle Jahn

MLCK-A, An Unconventional Myosin Light Chain Kinase from Dictyostelium, is Activated by a cGMP-dependent Pathway, Linda A. Silveira, Janet L. Smith, John L. Tan, and James A. Spudich

Submissions from 1997

Groucho-dependent and -independent Repression Activities of Runt Domain Proteins, Ben Aronson, Alfred L. Fisheer, Keith Blechman, Michael Caudy, and J Peter Gergen

Submissions from 1996

A Comparative Analysis of Plant Mitochondrial Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA Sequences, Candace Glendening and C Tuerk

Activation of Dictyostelium Myosin Light Chain Kinase A by Phosphorylation of Thr166, Janet L. Smith, Linda A. Silveira, and James A. Spudich

Myosin Light Chain Kinase (MLCK) Gene Disruption in Dictyostelium: A Role for MLCK-A in Cytokinesis and Evidence for Multiple MLCKs, Janet L. Smith, Linda A. Silveira, and James A. Spudich

Submissions from 1995

Patterns of Localization and Cytoskeletal Association of Two Vegetally Localized RNAs, Vg1 and Xcat-2, Caryl Forristall, Marc Pondel, Lihua Chen, and Mary Lou King

A Survey of DNA Polymorphism within the Genus Capsicum and the Fingerprinting of Pepper Cultivars, James P. Price, Vincent K. Lackney, Carmichael Angeles, Jim Blauth, and Molly M. Kyle

Submissions from 1994

Negative Feedback Defining a Circadian Clock: Autoregulation of the Clock Gene Frequency, Ben Aronson, K A. Johnson, J J. Loros, and J C. Dunlap

Circadian Clock Locus Frequency: Protein Encoded by a Single Open Reading Frame Defines Period Length and Temperature Compensation, Ben Aronson, Keith A. Johnson, and Jay C. Dunlap

An Efficient Method for Gene Disruption in Neurospora crassa, Ben Aronson, Kristin M. Lindgren, Jay C. Dunlap, and Jennifer J. Loros

Rhizobium Meliloti Homologs of Escherichia Coli Mur Genes, Francsca Leach, Daniel B. Wacks, and Ethan R. Signer

Submissions from 1993

Isolated Vegetal Cortex from Xenopus Oocytes Selectively Retains Localized mRNAs, Richard P. Elinson, Mary Lou King, and Caryl Forristall

Specific Enzymatic Dephosphorylation of the Retinoblastoma Protein, John W. Ludlow, Candace Glendening, David M. Livingston, and James A. DeCaprio


A mRNA Localized to the Vegetal Cortex of Xenopus Oocytes Encodes a Protein with a Nanos-like Zinc Finger Domain, Luis Mosquera, Caryl Forristall, Yi Zhou, and Mary Lou King