Submissions from 2016

Novel object exploration as a potential assay for higher order repetitive behaviors in mice., Jessica M. Steinbach, Elizabeth T. Garza, and Bryce C. Ryan

Submissions from 2015

Novel Object Exploration in the C58/J Mouse Model of Autistic-Like Behavior, Mikkal G. Blick, Breann H. Puchalski, Veronica J. Bolanos, Kaitlin M. Wolfe, Matthew C. Green, and Bryce C. Ryan

Submissions from 2014

Prey Preference of the North American River Otter (Lontra Canadensis) Evaluated According to Optimal Foraging Theory, Leslie Thompson and Lei Lani Stelle

Submissions from 2013

Effects of Tree Mortality Caused by a Bark Beetle Outbreak on the Ant Community in the San Bernardino National Forest, Brian W. Spitzer and Alexander L. Wild