Submissions from 2020


Role of Work and Family Factors in Predicting Career Satisfaction and Life Success, Neena Gopalan and Murugan Pattusamy

Submissions from 2019

An Evaluation of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings in a Competing Risks Framework, Sanjiv Jaggia and Satish B. Thosar


Has 'Too Big to Fail' Been Solved? A Longitudinal Analysis of Major U.S. Banks, Satish Thosar and Bradley Schwandt

Submissions from 2018

Teaching Catholic Stakeholder Thinking Using the Open-Ended Case Method, Carlo Carrascoso

Special Issue on Health Digital Transformation II: E-Technologies and Intelligent Health IT/IS Adaptations to Increasingly Complex Problems in Today's Healthcare Services Delivery Systems, William G. Chismar, Tom Horan, and Joseph Tan

Evolving Supply Chains and Local Freight Flows: A Geographic Information System Analysis of Minnesota Cereal Grain Movement, Travis Fried, Lee Munnich, Thomas Horan, and Brian Hilton


Internet Use and Online Activities in U.S. States: Geographic Disparities and Socio-economic Influences, James B. Pick, Avijit Sarkar, and Elizabeth Parrish

Book Review. The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016., James Spee

Submissions from 2017


Has Automation Changed the Response of Unemployment Rate to GDP Growth?, Hamid Falatoon and Mohammad Safarzadeh


Risk and Return Comparison of MBS, REIT, and Non-REIT Etfs, Hamid Falatoon and Mohammad R. Safarzadeh

Pay-For-Performance Incentives in the Finance Sector and the Financial Crisis, Sanjiv Jaggia Prof and Satish B. Thosar


Information Re-Sharing on Social Network Sites in the Age of Fake News, Mehrdad Koohikamali and Anna Sidorova

Smart cities in the United States and worldwide: A rich arena for MIS studies, James B. Pick

Location Analytics and Decision Support: Reflections on Recent Avancementa, a Research Framework and the Path Ahead, James B. Pick, Ozgur Turetken, Amit Deokar, and Avijit Sarkar


Spatiotemporal Patterns and Socioeconomic Dimensions of Shared Accommodations: The Case of AIRBNB in Los Angeles, California, Avijit Sarkar, Mehrdad Koohikamali, and James B. Pick

Workplace Vigor as a Distinct Positive Organizational Behavior Construct: Evaluating the Construct Validity of the Shirom-Melamed Vigor Measure (SMVM), Andrew J. Wefald, Michael R. Smith, Neena Gopalan, and Ronald G. Downey

Submissions from 2016

A Tutorial on Geographic Information Systems: A ten-year update, Daniel Farkas, Brian Hilton, James Pick, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Namchul Shin


Special Issue: The Female American, Denise M. MacNeil and Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich


Factors Affecting the Design of Short-Term Study-Abroad Programs: An Exploratory Study of Two Business Schools, Hindupur Ramakrishna, Avijit Sarkar, and Bindiganavale Vijayaraman

Ethics and the Global Financial Crisis: Why Incompetence Is Worse Than Greed by Boudweijn de Bruin, Satish B. Thosar

Submissions from 2015

United States Digital Divide: State Level Analysis of Spatial Clustering and Multivariate Determinants of ICT Utilization, James B. Pick, Avijit Sarkar, and Jeremy Johnson

Topics, Texts, and Critical Approaches: Integrating Dimensions of Liberal Learning in an Undergraduate Management Course, James Spee and Allison Fraiberg

Submissions from 2014

A Valuation Framework for Rent-to-Own Housing Contracts, Sanjiv Jaggia, Herve Roche, and Satish Thosar

Digital Divides in the World and Its Regions: A Spatial and Multivariate Analysis of Technological Utilization, James B. Pick and Tetsushi Nishida

Topics, Texts, and Critical Approaches: Integrating Dimensions of Liberal Learning in an Undergraduate Management Course, James C. Spee and Allison Frailberg


Consumer Perceived Value of Salon Hair Coloring in China, Xin Zhao


Salon Hair Coloring in the United States: A Consumer Perceived Value Analysis of Gen Y Consumers, Xin Zhao


To Dye or Not to Dye: A Comparison of Gen Y Consumers' Perceived Value of Salon Hair Coloring in China and the United States, Xin Zhao

Submissions from 2013

Shifting Patterns of Suburban Dominance: The Case of Chicago from 2000 to 2010, Richard P. Greene and James B. Pick

A Three-Step Combined Genetic Programming and Neural Networks Method of Forecasting the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Mak Kaboudan and Mark Conover

Technology for Development: Understanding Influences on Use of Rural Telecenters in India, James B. Pick, Kamala Gollakota, and Manju Singh

Determinants of China's Technology Utilization and Availability 2006-2009: A Spatial Analysis, James B. Pick, Tetsushi Nishida, and Xi Zhang


Factors Related to the Adoption of Information Technology Emerging Technologies by Research and Non-Research Based Institutions, Keri Ann Then and Pesi Amaria

Submissions from 2012

Japan's Prefectural Digital Divide: Multivariate and Spatial Analysis, Tetsushi Nishida, James B. Pick, and Avijit Sarkar

Submissions from 2007


Volunteer vs. Professional Management of Academic Conferences: A Comparison of Five Meetings, James Spee

Submissions from 2004


The Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence Construct Validation Using Manager and Self-Ratings, Edilberto F. Montemayor and James Spee