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Physical Activity Programs, Academic Achievement, Teacher Attitudes, Elementary, Impact


Early Childhood Education | Elementary Education | Liberal Studies


It has been questioned whether physical activity programs in general education classrooms contribute to academic achievement in students. A literature review has been done to analyze that existing relationship in which it was found that as physical activity increases, so does academic achievement. Three overall themes were extracted: The Importance of General Participation, The Differentiation of Instruction, and The Effect of Intensity Levels. Furthermore, due to the gap in the literature, the current study aimed to assess teachers’ roles in these situations. Observations of classrooms and interviews with four public school elementary teachers were conducted to discover that role. The results demonstrated four major findings: movement is important, the attitude towards physical exercise in the classroom is positive, physical activity should be implemented into activities, and valid limitations to physical exercise exist but it is worthwhile. The implications of this study suggest that the attitudes of teachers match the behavior of students and their general academic level. Thus, acting as predictors of successful implementation of physical activities. Therefore, future teachers should learn to have a positive attitude in general, but especially towards physical activity, as physical activity is essential for the betterment of student performance.

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