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Health Care Reform, Health Insurance, Public Policy, Germany, Great Britain


Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


The point of departure of this thesis is the assumption that a healthcare reform is necessary, and that accessibility of medical care by the entire population of the United States, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, is a right that people have acquired. Approaching the question of which alternative embeds the highest promise in effectively tackling the healthcare problem ceases to be a mostly ethical, moral, and political enterprise, and becomes a relevant economic question, that can be analyzed according to multiple lenses. In order to perform any meaningful analysis on alternatives that, at their core, are distinguished by the entry or non-entry of the government in the healthcare market, one needs to become familiar not only with the effects on competition that the entry of the government in a market might cause, but also with the specifics of each alternative model, that are contained in the currently proposed healthcare reform legislation.

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