A Survey of Interpretations of Quantum Theory : A Panentheistic Approach to Quantum Divine Action

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Quantum Theory, Divine Action


Quantum Physics | Religion


This paper attempts to review the theories of quantum divine action and to construct a panentheistic approach to noninterventionist divine action. After reviewing various interpretations of quantum mechanics, I have suggested how the Copenhagen Interpretation is the most fruitful place to focus this discussion because of the ontological openness it incorporates. In order to elucidate the relationship between divine action and quantum theory, it is necessary to consider the different understandings of God that have been presupposed by these discussions. I have examined the arguments of four of the major proponents of quantum divine action. I have argued that the panentheistic understanding of God and God's relationship to the universe offers the most promising avenue to a noninterventionist account of God's direct action at the quantum level. After assessing and responding to some of the problems associated with quantum divine action, I have shown that quantum chaos is an attractive prospect since with this proposal it is not necessary for God's action at the quantum level to have macroscopic effects.

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