1824 Chumash Rebellion: Santa Barbara Mission Indian Participants

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Chumash, rebellion, 1824, Santa Barbara, Mission Indian, Early California Population Project


United States History


This thesis seeks to gain new insight into the Chumash Revolt of 1824 by reexamining well-documented primary source accounts from Mexican military men and Indians with the data found in the mission records after the revolt. These mission records include the thousands of baptismal, marriage, and death records that priests in the California missions created while overseeing the twenty-one missions. Access to these records has only recently become readily available to the public through the creation of an online database. These records provide a unique ability for research to be done tracking individuals and their families throughout the missions. This thesis identifies twenty-nine previously unidentified participants in the rebellion, in addition to the two familiar leaders, and documents their connection with one another thus illustrating the complex network that existed specifically within Mission Santa Barbara.

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