Parental Use of Strategies Learned from the Hanen "More Than Words" Program

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parents, communication skills, social skills, Autistic children


Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Communication Sciences and Disorders


The purpose of the present study was to determine the specific strategies in the "More Than Words" program that parents believed promoted communication and social skills the best. The study asked MTW participants to complete a survey containing open-ended questions and a strategy use/retention rating scale. Parents were surveyed to determine which strategies were the most useful, which were the least useful, how the strategies were used, and the frequency the strategies were employed. the study also examined if parents believed their use of the MTW strategies improved the communication and social skills in their children. Another purpose of this study was to provide Hanen certified professionals with data on parental perceptions of the strategies that may effect how the program is delivered. This study will be ongoing and gather more data by surveying additional participants to increase the statistical validity of the previous findings and build an ongoing database for future research.

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Communicative Disorders

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