Using the New Testament Canon

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New Testament, Christianity, canon, scripture, Christian text


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The New Testament is made up of 27 ancient texts that each have their own individual histories. The books that make up our New Testament were not intended to be part of the collection and there are centuries of history between the penning of the texts and the collecting of them into a closed collection of authoritative scripture. In addition to each book's individual history there is also the history of collecting scripture in to canons. It was not always so that faith was derived from sacred texts. In the earliest Jesus movements of the 1st and 2nd centuries, oral tradition took precedent over Christian texts. As the apostolic age ended, lists of authoritative texts were put together. These lists did not always agree. Eventually, the necessity of preserving texts that maintained the teaching of the apostles became necessary. The idea of the New Testament has its own history apart from the books that are in it. We must look at the relationship between the individual text and the Church's need for a canon.

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