Can Colorado River Water Be Allocated Fairly?

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Colorado River, water rights, water allocation, Colorado River Basin


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The Colorado River used to run freely. The water was warm and full of silt. This powerful river cut through the desert landscape, creating a path from the mountains through canyons to the sea. The wildlife that lived among its raging waters adapted to its wild nature. In order to settle the southwest, humans began to tame the Colorado River. By creating a series of dams, diversions, and canals, people used the water to quench thirst and to cultivate crops.

The water is used to such an extent that in dry years the river doesn't even reach the Gulf of California where it used to empty. Twenty five million people count on water in their homes and workplaces and over 3.5 million acres of farmland are fed with water form the Colorado River. The water is spread so thin, that in order to have a portion of the water, it must be legally allocated to you. My question is: Can the Colorado River water be allocated fairly?

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