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Invasive Species, Sea Birds, Coastal Island Erosion, Species Management, Rat Eradication


Biodiversity | Ornithology


Tetiaroa is a small atoll in the Society Islands in the South Pacific. Along with many places like it around the world, this atoll has an issue with invasive rats colonizing its islands. Tahuna Iti, one of the small of the atoll, is rat-free and is therefore home to thousands of nesting sea birds. An analysis of aerial photographs from 1955,2002, 2006, as well as island delineation data from 2011, found that the island of Tahuna Iti has not only changed shape, but also size and proximity to Rimatuu, one of the rat-colonized islands. analysis of the change in shoreline proximity indicates a 288m movement between 1955 and 2011, providing conditions that could potentially result in the destruction of the bird population by rats if the islands are connected via a lang bridge. From this data we were then able to suggest preventative and combative measures that could be used to save the bird population of Tahuna Iti.

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Environmental Studies

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