Comparative Genomic Analysis and Identification of Argonaute and Dicer Family Homologues in Anapheles gambia

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Genomic analysis, argonaute, dicer, anopheles gambia, diseases


Biology | Genetics and Genomics | Life Sciences


The growth and maturation of biological creatures is the manifestation of an intrinsic program in intra and extra nuclear genetic material. However, such manifestation is not merely the direct expression and codification of genetic information into biochemical pathways. The decoding process requires an integrated network of regulatory mechanisms that allows the interaction between inherited information and environment. Though a large amount of such controls are shared among a variety of different organisms, the advent of new biological features, as multicellularity and tissue-differentiation, also required the development of novel regulatory pathways. This necessity for greater informational content however, was not met by the mere addition of transcriptional units to genomes, as there is a complete lack of correlation between DNA content (also known as C-value) and organismal complexity.

*Includes research mentorship provided by Principal Investigator Dr. ShouWei Ding, and the University of California, Riverside.

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