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Given the nature of this paper, I felt it necessary to explain my purpose in choosing the Rosenberg-Sobell trial as the subject of my senior honors thesis, and the methodology used in approaching this topic. My purpose in choosing this subject was twofold: First, I wanted to demonstrate the research and writing skills that I have developed during my four years as a student of history. This paper is intended to be a research paper. While I believe that there are some fascinating and controversial arguments discussed in this paper, I cannot claim to have originated any of these theories. Instead, I have attempted to combine the most significant points of many scholars into a paper that provides a relatively thorough understanding of the Rosenberg-Sobell trial. There is a host of outstanding books and journal articles on this topic, but most of the authors that write about the Rosenbergs conduct their research, develop their own theories, and tend to ignore the work that has already been done. The second reason for choosing this subject is personal. I enjoy studying the American legal system, and I selfishly chose this subject because I considered it fascinating. Furthermore, I believe this to be an important subject. The execution of the Rosenbergs represents a failure for not only the American legal system, but the entire system of American politics. In understanding how these events happened, one develops a better understanding of the problems associated with majoritarian politics and the need to establish bulwarks against the evisceration of minority rights. Few historical events better teach that lesson.

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