Excavating Belief: The Role of Faith in a Science-Oriented Society

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Faith, science, society, archaeology, the Bible


Archaeological Anthropology | Biblical Studies | Christianity | History of Religion | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The Bible as we know it has been in existence for almost 2000 years. Over 50% of the world's population identify themselves with groups that accept it as supreme authority and ultimate truth. Some read it as literal, and form their lives to fit to the Bible, while others rad it as metaphorical and form the Bible to fit their lives. Many have killed in the name of it and what it represents; many more have died for it and not given up their ideologies.

For centuries, acceptance of this book has been based on faith alone. The need for evidence has not always been a priority. In fact, up until the Nineteenth Century, knowledge in place of faith was often dismissed. Over time, though, as scientific methods have matured and empirical evidence has attained a higher level of importance, the quest to prove or disprove the parts of history presented in the Bible has become a priority for many. Proof of specific people , places, and well known events are constantly being searched for as new tools are made available and science becomes more established. One particular way in which the stories presented in the Bible can be validated is through archaeology.

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Religious Studies

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