You're Invited: A Marriage of Christianity and Feminism

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Christianity, feminism, theology, faith, women


Christianity | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Liturgy and Worship | Religion


In order to make a completed work of Christian theology, I feel I must first give the answer to the question I have often asked myself--Why try to write a feminist Christian theology? Why bother? In its history and in its present, Christianity has shown itself to be thoroughly misogynistic. Many have concluded that it is impossible to take the patriarchy out of Christianity, that they are one in the same, and that the only plausible solution is to search for meaning outside the Christian tradition. Many have done just that. In "The Spiritual, Political Journey of a Feminist Freethinker," Emily Culpepper describes her journey through the heart of Christianity and her reasons for leaving it, including the androcentrism of the church.

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Religious Studies

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