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As stated in the introduction to the book "Dramaturgy : A Revolution in Theatre," Mary Luckhurst reflects eloquently on the problem: "The meaning of the words dramaturg and dramaturgy are unstable, sometimes bitterly so - few terms in contemporary theater practice have consistently occasioned more perplexity." My initial thought about this was that I could surely come up with a clear and to the point explanation of my own after a bit of research and some practice in the field. throughout my reading and my own experience of dramaturgical work, I have discovered that I can be grouped among the mass amount of scholars whose writing on dramaturgy exceed what can be defined as concise. In order to contribute to the writing on dramaturgy and share my experience that has lead me to some conclusions about the work of a dramaturg, I first feel it necessary to introduce some of the things I have learned about the subject and its relationship to the professional world of theatre. In other words, I will try my best to define dramaturgy and the job of a dramaturg.

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