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Black Feminism, Post-Structuralist Feminism


English Language and Literature | Women's Studies


Not only has Their Eyes been a signal text for black feminist critics, Hurston's text has also attracted poststructuralist feminists who have re-interrogated feminist concepts such as community, identity and narrative in ways that could be applied to Their Eyes. It had been my original intention to examine the texts with the concepts of black feminism in mind, with hopes of uncovering the meaning of the admiration it received from black feminists. Upon examination of different forms of criticism, however, I found comfort and understanding in poststructuralist feminism that offered perspectives that would allow me to analyze the text better. With this in mind, I have established three particular categories to focus upon when examining the text: identity, community, and narrative. For each concept, in order to establish how I will be analyzing the text, I will examine some of the original feminist theories concerning the subject and how poststructuralist feminism relates or departs from those theories. I will then present my own analysis of the texts, including textual evidence with an overlying poststructuralist feminist understanding.

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