Spatial Statistical Analysis of Surface Survey Data from tel el Far-ah South, Israel

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Spatial Statistical Analysis, Israel, survey, data, mathematics


Biblical Studies | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


The Bible as we know it has been in existence for almost 2000 years. Over 50% of people the world over belong to a religion that accepts it as supreme Authority and ultimate Truth. For centuries acceptance of this book has been based on faith alone. Over time, though, as scientific methods have matured and empirical evidence has attained a high level of importance, the quest to prove or disprove the parts of history presented in the Bible has become a priority for many. Proof of people, places, and events are constantly being searched for as new tools are made available and science becomes more established.

Archaeologists have made many advances in confirming and challenging the Bible, and as a result have contributed greatly to both sides of the debate on its historical validity.

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