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Presidential elections, mathematics, two-party, United States


American Politics | Mathematics | Political Science


In the United States, political power is the ability to acquire and maintain political office. As a person interested in the attainment of this power, it becomes interesting to ask the question, "How can we analyze the political environment and secure power ourselves." The issues that this question raises are quite numerous. First, we need to know if there exist trends in the US political environment that makes analysis of it possible. Second, we want to see if a performed analysis of any potential trends will provide credible and influential data. Finally, we want to then be able to apply that extrapolated data to the political environment to make predictions about how to win political power in the future.

The overall goal of this paper will be to analyze the US political structure to predict the attainment of political power. Specifically, we will look at the US presidential election because of the unique manner in which the position is selected.

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