One Poem, Countless Possibilities

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Poetry, music, soprano, performing arts


Music | Music Performance | Poetry


The purpose of this project was to compare different settings of 4 poems; Nur we die Sehnsucht kennt, Clair de lune, Mandoline, and Liebst du um Schonheit. We decided to do this project together because the audience would be able to hear the differences in the two settings clearly when sung by two different singers. The songs are arranged in chronological order and they were performed in this order during the Honors Recital. The poet is introduced in the beginning, followed by the composer, and then the differences and similarities in the settings of the poems were expressed, and finally finishing with the translation. Through our research and preparation, we realized what an important part poetry plays in art songs. Fused together, the poetry and the music bring each other to life.

Department 1 Awarding Honors Status


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