Austria and Religion in Everyday Life: A Qualitative Research Project on Personal Views, Perceptions, and Ways of Life in Predominantly Catholic Austria

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Austria, religion, Catholicism, qualitative analysis, perspectives


Catholic Studies | Religion | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Austria is a predominantly Catholic country which has a history that goes far beyond the recent shores of time. Its past helps to shape the present, and the changes going on today are a reflection of the future. Being a culture that is shaped by its heritage, it is important to understand the history behind the buildings and symbols of the Austria of old. In order to understand a culture it is important to relate to the people. Likewise, understanding the people makes it easier to make connections within a culture. Catholicism has played a large part in shaping the lives of the Austrian people. With 85% of the country registered Catholic, it is key to understand how Catholicism is still shaping the Austrian culture of today. Currently, Austria is anxious and struggling as they are finally taking hold of the freedom of transition and exploration of new lifestyles and religious values. Thus, at this critical time it is vital to understand a transforming culture that struggles between tradition and the future. Getting into the minds and hearts of the people of today can help project where the Austria of tomorrow is going, religiously and ideologically.

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Religious Studies

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