The Storage of Wavelength and Three Space Coordinate Information on a Two Dimensional Black and White Film by Means of Fresnel Diffraction Patterns

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Wavelength, storage, film, patterns, physics


Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


One of the more interesting studies in physical optics is that of Fresnel diffraction. A particular phase of this study deals with holograms and their reconstructions. A simple description of this phenomenon is not difficult. It is found that if a shadow of an object is made under the proper conditions, the shadow will be surrounded by, or perhaps obliterated by, a system of fringes. If a shadow of this shadow is made under similar ideal (although not idealized) conditions, the fringes in this shadow will be such that they will "reconstruct" the original object.

This project has been a serious attempt to study color effects in diffraction. Since it has been a pioneering effort in the field, there have been many experimental problems that had to be solved. One of the biggest, for example, was to find a photographic plate that had sufficient speed to be practical and yet had the high resolving power necessary to record the hologram. Much of the project time was spent solving experimental problems such as this.

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