The Conflicts and Conquests of the California Republican Party, 1906-1956

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Since the time of Lord Bryce's comment on the uniqueness of California politics, based on his observations of the Workingman's party of the 1870's, California has continued to be noted for its peculiarities in the political filed. California has been the scene of stubborn non-partisanship, cross-filed elections, numerous pension movements, shades of both fascist and communist activity, and professional campaign management.

One of the most unusual features of the state has been the political domination by the Republican party in the first half of the twentieth century; unusual because for nearly one-half of that period the Republican party has been the minority party in voter registration.

It is the basic purpose of this paper to analyze, by historical method, how the party has overcome its major internal conflicts to remain victorious, even as a minority party.

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