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Flour was three dollars a pound and tents rented at five thousand dollars a month in San Francisco in 1850. Makeshift houses and saloons had sprung up in Marysville, Tuolomne, Rich Bar and Hangtown. Kanakas, Chinese, Chileanos, Frenchmen, and Mexicans mingled in the common dirt of the gold fields. [...] By 1850 the wealth per capita in San Francisco was the highest in the nation. Her population was relatively well educated and promised support of the arts. [...] The people of California, unlike those of the other frontier areas, had more leisure time, since they did not have to exert so much of their energy in fighting the wilderness. All these reasons led to the rise of numerous newspapers, magazines, and books.

With this background information in mind, the writer proposes here to present representative fist hand accounts through available newspapers, magazines, and books which appeared during the California gold rush and as a result of it, from 1848-1870.

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