The War and the Automobile Market: A Study of the Major Effects of World War II on the American Automobile Industry

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This paper has as its purpose, as the title indicates, a study of the effects that World War II had upon the American Automobile Industry. The auto industry wins attention these days because it has become the ace barometer of the general business of the nation. People watch Detroit not only as buyers but also as suppliers. A multitude of jobs and products depend for their existence and market on the prosperity of the motor car business; multitudes of industries compete with it for shares of the consumer dollar. Therefore a study of the reaction of the automobile industry to the war is very pertinent in helping one to understand the reaction of American Industry in general to the war.

This study covers the period from 1941 to mid-1947, that period which includes the conversion to war production, price regulation by the Office of Price Administration, and the re-conversion to peacetime production.

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