A Comparison of Statistical Harmonic Analyses of Three Hindemith Chamber Sonatas

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Music, harmony, comparative, Hindemith, sonatas


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When the work of a particular composer stands out sufficiently form the vast amount of music literature to cause that writer to be recognized as one with a distinctive contribution to make in the field of composition it may be assumed that it is because he has evolved a unique style. The development of style is a dynamic process which involves constant experimentation and exploration of materials and techniques as the composer seeks to discover those elements which most satisfactorily express his own ideas. While the various factors which go into shaping this style are difficult to isolate, the results of the developmental process can be seen by examining the composer's writing at any given period in its evolution and comparing it with what he has written before and after that period. Because the work of Paul Hindemith (1896- ) appears to represent such a contribution, this study is offered as an attempt to illustrate, by analyzing and comparing works representing three periods in his writing, the metamorphosis of his style as it reached maturity.

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