Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes and the Mexico of Today: A Novelist's Portrayal of Current Problems

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Mexico, Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes, novel, analysis


Creative Writing | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies


"This is not what the Revolution wanted."

A hard-working, yet ill-rewarded Mexican labrador, rising from the pages of Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes' Milpa, potrero y monte, speaks out. s his reaction to the problems and injustices which he must face sounds his judgment on life. For his criteria he takes the goals of the Mexican Revolution.

Thus, in this one poignant statement, the contemporary Mexican novelist Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes--like all his active, thinking, creative fellow-artists concentrates his total motivation, his purpose and his goal.

Today the Mexican author, the muralist, the composer, the sculptor--not to mention the politician, the industrialist, and the farmer--must face, and feels that it is his self-assigned task to express, his Mexico. His is not an idealized Mexico. It is far from being Utopia, but, though have faults as it may, he loves it with a concern and a zeal.

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