A Catalogue of Contemporary American Song Literature Written During the Past Ten Years: in Addition to the Preparation and Presentation of a Contemporary American Song Recital

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As a voice major at the University of Redlands School of Music, I became interested in September, 1958 in research centered on the field of contemporary American vocal music. With the exception of periodical publications listing the titles and composers of various songs being published, I discovered there was nothing detailed available from publishing houses about the actual compositions, themselves, neither as to their individual value in the singer's repertoire, nor the type of musical content to be found in each.

The following catalogue contains information which I, as a voice major, believe should be supplied for each vocal selection published. The description of each song contains details catalogued according to the following criteria: 1) Composer; 2) Title of Composition; 3) Publisher (if published) and, if manuscript, where available to the singer; 4) Date of Publication (if any) or date written, if manuscript; 5) Text--Author; 6) Form; 7) Length (Time for Performance); 8) Range or Ranges; 9) Style (Conservative, Moderate, Dissonant); 10) Difficulty (Easy, Moderately Difficult, Difficult); 11) Special Technical Difficulties (if any); 12) Other Comments.

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