The Saar Problem and Its Relation to the Unification of Europe

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Saar, Europe, diplomacy, history, unification


European History | History | International Relations | Political Science


Twice within the past half century the continent of Europe has been ravaged by a struggle for survival. Today the crash of cannon no longer reverberates along the majestic stretches of the Rhine, but the echoes remain vividly imprinted upon the memory of a Europe that did survive. Europe lives, but for what purpose and for how long? Within the parliaments of Bonn, Paris, Strasbourg, and Saarbruecken, statesmen are endeavoring to answer this question. For the last eight years, however, their efforts have been continually hampered by a resurgent Franco-German dispute over the Saar Basin. It is this problem of the Saar, and its effects upon the proposed unification of Europe, which this paper will attempt to analyze.

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