A Study of the Preparation of Mixed-organohalosilanes by the Direct Method

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Chemistry, mixed-organohalosilanes, silicon, inorganic chemistry


Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry


The potential of silicon chemistry is only now being fully realized. The current research literature is becoming crowded with new developments in this interesting field, and the ordinary person is enjoying these developments in the form of useful commercial products ranging from water-proofed fabrics to extraordinary stable oils and greases.

Purely inorganic compounds of silicon, such as the hard oxide silica and inorganic silicates, have had commercial use for centuries in building materials and the ceramic arts. The wide interest of today is in what are known as "organic silicon compounds," which are compounds containing organic groups attached to silicon in such a manner as to impart organic properties to the molecule. These organic silicon compounds are not found in nature but are synthesized in the laboratory. It is for this reason that silicon chemistry is indebted to the early laboratory workers who laid the groundwork for what has become the marvel of the chemical industry.

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