The River of Life: A Discussion of the Symbols of Water, Isolation, and Silence in the Works of Eduardo Mallea

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Literature, contemporary, Mallea, symbolism, water, Spanish


Comparative Literature | Creative Writing | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature | Spanish Literature


I owe the inspiration for this paper to an incident which occurred during my Junior Year at the University of Redlands. In a Spanish American Literature class, I was to give a report on a contemporary novel by Eduardo Mallea. I chose Chaves as the book I would read. After reading the novel, I had the strange feeling that the author had said something very profound, but I was not aware of what it was. I tried to find the symbolical significance of the novel. I was unsuccessful. [...]

The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to present an insight into the symbolism, content, and style of Mallea's writing. It is in no way intended to be an analysis of his symbolism, but rather, a comprehensive description of the most outstanding symbols used, so that after reading this paper, a novel such as Chaves could be read and understood.

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