Synthesis of Some Tertiary Nonyl Alcohols

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Chemistry, tertiary alcohols, synthesis, chemical structure


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


This research project is a part of a larger project being conducted in this laboratory by Dr. R.J. Krantz and Dr. H.W. Woodrow entitled Correlation of the Physical Properties and the Chemical Structure of the Tertiary Nonyl Alcohols.

The synthesis of these tertiary alcohols is of interest for two reasons; (a) About half of them have never been synthesized before, thus the challenges of finding practical methods of synthesis and of making positive identifications of the new compounds are presented. (b) It would be of inestimable value tot he chemist to be able to predict fairly accurately the physical properties of a compound merely from knowing its chemical structure. Although this study will by no means completely provide the chemist whit this ability it is a step in that direction.

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