Upton Sinclair: Candidate for Governor

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This is a paper on California's most widely known citizen, Upton Sinclair. He shares with Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Mouse the possible distinction of being better known the world around than practically any other American. This is not, however, a discussion of his life and times; rather it purports to analyze and synthesize the facts which concern his campaign to be governor of, and End Poverty in California; to further measure the effectiveness and influence of his campaign upon subsequent political development.

That Mr. Sinclair has exerted an influence upon contemporary America is apparent to any discerning student. For some fifty years Sinclair--the "muchraker," the novelist, the pamphleteer, the lecturer, the publisher, the politician--has cut quite a swath in this country's institutionalized existence, and it is quite a safe conjecture that he will continue to be a factor in the economic, political, and social education of many persons in the future.

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