Technocracy: Prophet of the Machine Age

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Technocracy, labor, politics, society, economics


Labor Economics | Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


Today there are few people who can easily remember Technocracy.

This organization, which once created a journalistic furor at the height of the Depression, has now been relegated tot he limbo of forgotten economic utopias. Looking back from a perspective of more than twenty years, most of Technocracy's prophecies seem stale. The New Deal and economic recovery left the Technocrats as a shattered reminder of a decade of social ferment which began with America's economic collapse in 1929.

Yet Technocracy provides a fascinating index to measure the political and social character of America in the Depression Decade. It is the purpose of this paper to study this movement in both its historical and political facets. Ranter than simply analysing the movement from a theoretical and purely academic view, it is the writer's purpose to project Technocracy against the social background that gives the Technocrats vitality and relevance today. For this reason, the analysis is designed, as far as possible, to follow the movement's gradual unfolding as it appeared tot he American public.

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