The South of Thomas Nelson Page

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Thomas Nelson Page, United States history, Southern history, literature, slave society


Comparative Literature | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social History | United States History


When recording the story of the South, historians have generally preoccupied themselves with either the institutions of slavery or the processes of Reconstruction. While these facets of Southern history are of prime import, they have overshadowed narratives of everyday developments in the lives of the people. Often the focus has been on action by Congress or the problems of new agencies set up the deal with a belligerent population. [...]

Thomas Nelson Page wrote about that with which he was most familiar--the plantation system and aristocracy of eastern Virginia.

This study is an examination of the works of Thomas Nelson Page to determine what he believed to be the best Southern tradition and history. What characterized the South of Thomas Nelson Page emerges from the eighteen volumes he published.

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