Selections From Yoshimoto Banana's Lizard

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Comparative Literature | Creative Writing | Family, Life Course, and Society | Japanese Studies


I chose to work on these short stories by this particular writer for several reasons. As an extremely popular recent Japanese writer, I feel that Yoshimoto Banana is representative of a new age in Japan. From a literary standpoint, her style is bold and refreshing in that it goes against may typical ideas of what is "proper" in literature. Sometimes referred to as a manga-style, or comic book writer, Yoshimoto has nonetheless received much critical praise, her 1987 novel Kitchen winning two of Japan's most prestigious literary awards. Born in Tokyo in 1964, Yoshimoto is the voice of a new generation in Japan, a generation that is interestingly enough not crying out for social change or preaching lofty idealism, but is instead quietly changing the structure of Japanese society by redefining the rules to suit its own needs.

The work Lizard is significant because it shows a new side of this talented author that indicates her development and growth as a writer.

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