Ecology, Politics, Feminism, and Vegetarianism: Toward a Synergistic Theory and Practice

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Ecology, politics, feminism, vegetarianism, synergy, environment


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Environmental Studies | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences


At first glance, the disciplines of ecology, politics, feminism and vegetarianism may all seem unrelated, however, this essay will argue that they are, in fact, complementary verses of the same song. Indeed, if sung together, these verses can restore the discordance caused by the environmental crisis because they can orchestrate harmony with nature and ourselves. Hegel, writing in the preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit, reminds us of the difficulties of stating philosophical aims from the beginning since the essence of a philosophical system is not exhausted by those aims. One must jump in, so to speak, and actually do philosophy. The philosophical discourse of ecology is a holistic, open-ended dialectic; thus, I share Hegel's reluctance in offering such a statement. Since clarity is vital, however, I believe that I can offer such a statement without compromising the integrity of this project. A pointalistic approach to ecology can be incredibly complex, if for no other reason than the sheer amount of data involved. Beyond the details, however, lies a system of powerfully elegant simplicity, and this essence is accessible to all who wish to learn and feel it. Whatever one does to the web, one does to one's self, and we are all too close to severing our precious strand. Therefore the aim of this essay is to offer a synergistic discourse of theory and practice that can help reconnect us with the web of life.

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Political Science

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