The Impact of Feminism and the Emergence of Multiculturalism

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Feminism, multiculturalism, art, women, gender, society


Art and Design | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


There is a backlash by popular culture that says feminism is dead and we, now living in a post-feminist era, are negating all aspects feminism sought to change. I do not think that those people who are so quick to reiterate the message that popular culture sends out, have actually taken the time to understand and see, even in this day, the true aspirations of feminism and the impact it has had on our society. I do not claim that feminism from the seventies has changed our society radically, but in the nineties there are living reminders that it still exists. For those that insist in believing that the "post feminist" era has thrown away all contributions made by the feminists--I would say that the society has chosen to ignore the existing signs of its presence.

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