The Economics of Romance in "Pride and Prejudice" Methodology

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Literature, literary criticism, Jane Austen, feminism, economics, romance


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For my senior honor' s project, I decided to learn the methods of a feminist literary critic and apply them to a favorite novel of mine, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I soon learned feminist literary criticism defies simple definition.

Basically, feminist criticism is a political act--not just an interpretation of the world, but changing the world by changing the consciousness of readers and their relationship to what they read. Also important is the consideration of women writers in relation to each other and certain cultural conventions; thus, connections between history, social identity, gender and culture are significant. Feminist literary criticism reexamines women's texts analyzed by the male literary tradition, and seeks to unearth texts by women that were lost or ignored. As Adrienne Rich says, it is a matter of "re-vision...of seeing with new eyes...an act of survival." Ultimately, feminist literary critics hope to divulge a legacy or tradition of writing by female authors.

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