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This year I have embarked on the most demanding, self-instigated enterprise of my life. I have drastically re-worked many of my old poems, written and revised a number of new ones, and gathered them into a whole. They now are arranged in an order which reflects as best as possible what this scheme has become for me: The act of breaking away. I am breaking away finally from requiring "A" grade work of myself, to realizing that writing is practice and change, not perfection, and thus, growing into being a writer. "Breaking"," the title for this gathering of poems, is also the title of one particular poem. I like it, the imagery, the speed, the tone, and what it means. It tells of a great personal restlessness, for I struggle daily with being quiet and private and yet possessing an inner pulse driving me to write and be public. But I am breaking away from inhibitions. I have bared myself to the public eye, I have done what I want to do, said what I want to say and not worried about the grade. I have acquired confidence. Now, free, I will write on my own, say what I must, and be proud of this.

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English: Literature and Writing

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