"The Third Side of the Coin"

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Performance, playwriting, drama, creative writing, theater, art


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Theatre and Performance Studies


[This thesis features both an original dramatic play written by the author, and an analytical review of the play.]

The art of magic can have an emotional impact on an audience in much the same way as does a theatrical play. This was the original idea that sparked the creation of the play, "The Third Side of the Coin." Although this thesis inspired the inception of the play and received considerable attention during the writing process, it did not prevail as the major impetus throughout the entire project. In fact, the rather vague notion of achieving some unspecified emotional response to the magic in the play became a secondary consideration in relation to the objective of creating a play in which magic becomes incorporated with drama. This paper will attempt to clarify these objectives and delineate a brief history of the project, in addition to giving an interpretation for the play and an evaluation of the script in regards to the performances of March 10 and 13, 1983.

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