A Gravimetric Survey of the Jackrabbit Trail Area, San Timoteo Badlands, California

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Topography, gravity meter, San Timoteo, California, Jackrabbit Trail, faults


Earth Sciences | Environmental Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


A gravimetric study was undertaken of the Jackrabbit Trail area across the San Timoteo badlands, Riverside County, California. The gravimetric profile of the Jackrabbit Trail traverse outlines a horse-like basement topography, bounded to the southwest by the active San Jacinto Fault, and to the northeast by a relatively minor, inactive fault.

The purpose of this study was threefold: 1. To become familiar with the gravity meter (principles and operation), as well as the necessary corrections which accompany the reduction of data obtained with it; 2. To determine the extent of faulting and the approximate profile of the crystalline basement under the San Timoteo Hills, primarily along the Jackrabbit Trail area; 3. To meet the requirements for graduation with honors from the University of Redlands.

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