The Figure of Charles Williams: A Study of the Arthurian Myth of Charles Williams

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I was introduced to the many stories of Arthur when I was a small child. I used to imagine myself as a lady in Arthur's court, waiting for my knight on a white charger to free me from the evil enchantment of a wicked wizard. Many times I wished that I could have lived in the days of Arthur. To console myself I read legend after legend, story after story, and poem after poem. As I looked at the world around me, seeing the dissemination of all men, I wanted to go back to this time when it seemed that everyone lived in a paradise. Then one afternoon I began to read Charles Williams' poem cycle Taliessin through Logres. Suddenly, through the images that were presented, I realized that Arthur lived, not in the past or in Avalon, but right there in my own time. There were elements of both good and bad in his world, just as there were in mine. The story of Arthur is the story of man's struggle to obtain happiness and God's struggle to help man. The thoughts in Williams' Arthurian myth gave me hope in my world. I write this paper because I want to share Williams' ideas with disillusioned man.

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