Zverj and Fish Story: Two Speculative Stories of the Soviet Space Program

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speculative stories, creative writing, Soviet space program, essay, fiction


Creative Writing | European History | Fiction


We live in an age so brilliant that we are able to obtain close-up photographs of neighboring planets and map the galaxies from here to the edges of the Universe, yet so ignorant that a majority of people can't even tell you the name of the first man in space.

...Alan Shepard?

...The Russians, ah...

...Wasn't it John Glenn?

...It began with a 'G', um...

...Why Bother? What difference does it make?

None, perhaps. But there is a fascinating incongruity in the fact that only thirteen years after the event, a major newspaper can make a blunder like printing that John Glenn, "in February, 962, was the first man to orbit the Earth." (Los Angeles Times, May 6, 1974, front page section, p. 4.)

This thesis contains two written, fictional stories titled "Fish Story" and "Zverj," and an essay titled "Soviet Activity in Space."

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