W.C.--A Musical Comedy of Sorts: A playwriting, directing, designing, and producing project

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If one universal purpose can be isolated as a guideline for a hopeful playwright, it is that theatre must entertain. There may be a vital message surging inside the playwright, and he may spill it onto the stage with conviction and compassion; but if the audience is not entertained by what they see, hear, and feel, all efforts will have been entirely in vain. It is, at first, the responsibility of the playwright, and later that of the director, to insure that the audience has more reason than the exorbitant price of their tickets for sitting through an entire show.

It was my desire to write, direct, design, and produce an entertaining evening. My initial and most crucial consideration was for the enjoyment of my audience. Granting that there are as many types of theatrical entertainment as there are good shows, I intended to experiment with different techniques for entertaining as well as to develop my skill with some of the conventional methods.

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